Paintballing Stag weekends: What to expect

It’s the classic Stag Do’s Paintballing  Party Weekends . The quintessential stag do activity. And we can see why, at heart men are just grown up kids and paintballing is the perfect way to go nuts in the great outdoors. We know it’s popular. That’s why the Bedlam Paintball goes out of its way to source only the most incredible locations for paintballing. These are the most popular venues Edinburgh,Glasgow,Aberdeen and Brighton.

Wherever you are we’ll give you a barrel full of laughs and high-octane action

What sort of paintball-er are you? Will you be the one taking everything too seriously, planning out tactical manoeuvres and military plans? Or are you hopped up on watching too many action films and your only plan is to go in guns blazing? Whichever you go for make sure that covering the groom-to-be in paint is priority number one – it’s a different type of stag hunting.Dress him up in a bunny suit

We’ve found that paintballing is the perfect activity for the bigger teams of lads, who may not all know one another. It provides the perfect ice-breaker to do early on in a trip. Across a few hours of emulsion-based warfare you’ll forge bonds that’ll last through your weekend and beyond. After your event you can compare bruises and war stories with one another.

Anyone whose spent a few hours running or ducking around a wood shooting at anything or anyone knows full well how much fun paintballing.

So if you fancy yourself as Rambo saving long lost Vietnam vets from behind enemy lines then paintballing is the perfect stag weekend activity. When else would you get the chance to shoot and inflict pain on your best mates?

What to wear and bring

Make sure you wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty because most of our paintballing activities take place outside. Also don’t forget to bring some cash to buy some extra paintballs and some snacks at the venue just in case.

Off course you can dress the stag up some sites even sell bunny suits. Ask us at the time of booking and we can add one to your order for a small additional cost.

Bunny Suit


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