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Paintballs: Slow motion

By May 4, 2012No Comments

Ever wanted to see the game up and close; but was still gathering the courage to try it out? Anna @BedlamPaintball shows you paintball’s different angles and perspective

paintbalPaintball is a fast-paced action game. A mere second of losing your mind out of the game could cause you to be tagged out. If you are a first time spectator, you’ll get confuse where to look first since the action is everywhere.

I was watching Discovery Channel’s series called Time Warp last night and I find it really amazing how simple objects look amazing when shot on a high definition camera with xxx-fps. Because of this, I suddenly thought about how an actual paintball game looks when being slow-mo’ed.

Imagine several small colored paintballs fly around the area and splat into someone’s face or body. Isn’t that a lovely sight? Furthermore, I definitely want to see how players  do some matrix moves to dodge bullets and survive till the end.

One of the Bedlam boys share my feelings and found a way to view the actual game in high def. You may check the said video below: Enjoy!

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