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PbNation sells for £1.98 million

By June 16, 2011 No Comments

PbNation and CrowdGather

One of the single biggest developments in the paintball community lately has to be the sale of the paintball forum website PbNation. The forum, which covers everything from news, user reviews, videos and team updates, is the web’s single largest paintball resource, and its sale for $3.2 million has quickly hushed anyone complaining that there’s not enough money left in paintball!

The buyer was CrowdGather, a network of community forums whose websites reach millions of users each month, and their CEO Sanjay Sabnani had this to say:

There are no immediate plans for change since we love the site as it is. The three employees of PbNation are joining CrowdGather so there will be complete continuity for all the current members and volunteer staff. No changes in rules. Forums are like little countries- you cannot just show up and move things around, us forum geeks don’t like that very much. What forum people do respect is if you become a contributing member of a community so that you can then propose ideas that are based upon knowledge and understanding. Nice and slow is how we would like to roll, but we have high expectations for PbNation’s continued growth.”

So for paintball enthusiasts, hopefully the buy-out won’t mean any huge changes to PbNation’s hugely popular website and, for CrowdGather, it will reportedly mean an additional 20 million page views to add to their growing list of web real estate. The paintball forum itself is actually something of an industry leader in generating income through its forums, with about 30% of its content non-paintball related, and this is where the money comes in – videos, reviews, ads etc. We wish them both the best of luck in keeping PbNation a success and, as users, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that there’s no drastic changes to it any time soon!

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