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Playing Paintball Safely

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Every man owned a toy gun at least once during his childhood. Most, if not all, little boys has this unique fascination of guns that role playing games like cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians are very popular. Since its awkward for grown ups to play such role playing games, a game called “paintball” was invented by James Hale in 1974. Although paintballing doesn’t cost anyone’s life (none that was reported, at least), it could still be very painful when hit by one. Below are tips that will keep you safe during a paintball game:


#1 Wear enough padding
Paddings can be a friend and foe when playing paintball; The more pads you have, the less a hit hurts. However, more pads also mean that your movements will be restricted because of the weight. That’s why you have to make sure that your padding is just enough to lessen the impact of the hit but still enables you to move. In most tournaments, like that in Oxford Paintballing tournaments, participants are limited to two layers of clothing because the ball tends to bounce if there is too much clothing.

#2 Watch your weight
To play paintball, a player must carry several equipment with him during the game – marker, paintballs, tank filled with carbon dioxide, and not to mention your apparel which consists of your camouflage, masks, gloves, and extra breast padding for women. All these things together could weigh a lot and could definitely limit your mobility. Too much weight can cause you to tip over. Buy or rent lighter equipment and plan a strategy where you can get a chance to refill your paintballs so you can carry less.

#3 Cover yourself
You should never leave a skin uncovered because a direct hit from a paintball gun could really hurt. Wear a mask to protect your face, a padded clothing to cover your body, a scarf to protect your neck and throat, boots for your feet, and even gloves to protect your hands.

#4 Use barrel plugs
If you are not on that game, it is highly recommended to use barrel plugs to deter paintballs from being accidentally expelled.

#5 Check all your equipment prior to use
Make sure that your gun is cleaned and working properly, your paintballs are non-toxic and water soluble, and your carbon dioxide tank is free of leakages. Leakage from CO2 tanks can cause frostbite on exposed skin.

Paintball is not actually a dangerous sport like boxing and surfing but it never hurts to be on the safe side. So, follow these simple safety guidelines and enjoy the game.

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