PSP Event: Phoenix Open Conclusion

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As the much anticipated 2012 PSP Phoenix Open has finally come to an end, Anna @BedlamPaintball gives you an update on how the event came out and who went home victorious.

PSP eventThere were over a thousand of the world’s best paintball players who gathered last April 20 – 22 2012 in Glendale Youth Sports Complex. The beautiful flat grass field outside of the University of Phoenix was the 2nd stop of the PSP 2012 series of events. The paintball teams, along with their family and friends came all over the world and were greeted by paintball’s top vendors and manufacturers.

Although the highlight of this event is the game itself, many paintball enthusiasts are also looking forward to the exhibits found in the different paintball vendors’ booths. This event has also been an opportunity to many who would like to buy paintball gadgets and gizmos at a bargain price or to those who would like to take their hands on the latest paintball equipment in the market.

Thousands of people tuned in to witness the action-packed event as paintball teams battled it out. This 3-day weekend event was concluded with Team Houston Heat as the Over-all Professional Champion.

The following is the roster of winners in each division:

Division 1 RaceTo-5 Champions: Texas Storm

Division 2 RaceTo-5 Champions: Revo

Division 3 RaceTo-4 Champions: Central Florida Paintball

Division 4 RaceTo-4 Champions: Imperial

Division 3 RaceTo-2 Champions: IE Unseen

Division 4 RaceTo-2 Champions: AZ Chooch powered by Battery Acid

Pump Champions: TPG All Starz


All Finalists:

Professional Race To 7

1st Houston Heat

2nd Moscow Red Legion

3rd Los Angeles Ironmen

4th San Antonio X-Factor


Division 1 Race To 5

1st Texas Storm

2nd Static

3rd Golden State Pirates

4th Fuzion


Division 2 Race To 5

1st Revo

2nd Denver Fury

3rd Scottsdale Elevation

4th Boom


Division 3 Race To 4

1st Central Florida Paintball

2nd DC Devastation

3rd Golden State Knights

4th OutKast powered by


Division 4 Race To 4

1st Imperial

2nd North Texas Shockwave

3rd Central Florida P8ntball

4th TKO


Division 3 Race To 2

1st IE Unseen

2nd Kansas Vengeance

3rd LSD


Division 4 Race To 2

1st AZ Chooch powered by Battery Acid

2nd Cowtown CaBalleros

3rd DM Army Texas

4th Houston Legends



1st TPG All Starz

2nd Blitz

3rd TN TrueBallers

4th Kamandag Fatal Hit



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