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How to Find Useful Information About Paintball for Newbies

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Here’s another useful tips for paintball newbies from Anna @BedlamPaintball

how to find useful paintball informationI personally think that Paintball is the perfect game where one can get a lot of exercise, challenge oneself and have fun at the same time. However as a newbie, people may find themselves embarrassed because they don’t know the rules of the game, or they’re intimidated by how good those pro players are. They may be hesitant to step on that field and play their first game because they’re not sure what to expect. However a quick research by reading paintball articles and online forums could make you less of a newbie on your first game.

But first a note of warning for all newbies: Paintball is Not a War Game!

Many people mistakenly believe that paintball is a “war game.” However, it’s really more like hide-and-seek, with the marking of the opposing team being the way to tag the person out. This is especially true of recball, woodsball, jungle paintball and scenario games. It is advised that you do not refer to the opposing team as “the enemy” or a mark as a “kill”! Some communities have shut down paintball because players engaged in “war” talk during and after a game.

1. Research the Internet

The World Wide Web contains a vast storehouse of information on paintball. To make the best use of the Internet, search Google or Yahoo for specific paintball terms like “woodsball tactics,” instead of the general term “paintball.” Look for sites that list paintball rules and offer hints, tips, tactics and strategy.

You can also check out sites that review paintball equipment, but beware: a newbie doesn’t need an expensive paintball gun to get started. Many of the expensive guns don’t work any better than a good newbie gun. Also, you may want to try those rental markers first before buying your very own paintball gun.

2. Read Books

Go online and visit Amazon.comor Search for books on paintball. Check out the reviewers’ comments carefully before you buy. Or better yet, trot down to your local bookstore and see if you can find copies of the paintball books you found online. Take time to browse through them and see which ones appeal to you most. Check the local prices against the prices online before you buy.

3. Read E-Books

You may find a few paintball e-books online, too, but these are harder to find than print books.

To find paintball e-books, try searching for “paintball ebook” on Google or Yahoo. Ask around in the forums and pay attention to advertisements on paintball sites.

how to find usefule paintball information4. Study the Forums

Also search for “paintball forums” and you will find experts and newbies alike sharing information about paintball equipment and strategy. However, be aware that much of the information shared on forums is misleading, if not just plain wrong. Pay attention to what is said by forum leaders and well-known players, but take everything said by anyone else with a grain of salt…or a shaker of salt, for that matter!

5. Subscribe to Paintball Magazines

There are several good paintball magazines, both in print and online.

For print magazines, go to your local bookstore and spend some time at the magazine racks. Pick the magazine that appeals to you most and look in the front for their Web address (URL) or subscription address. Subscribe online or by mail. It’s a lot cheaper to subscribe to a magazine than to buy it each month from the newsstand.

For online magazines, search on Yahoo or Google for “paintball magazine online” or “online paintball magazine.”

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