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School activity days out are in big demand in June & July .Some of the most popular days out are paintball, lasertag & Splatmaster.

Bedlam Paintball is the number one paintball provider when it comes to arranging a day out for school groups.  We regularly host paintball , lasertag and Splatmaster events for school pupils aged 8+ years .Bedlam is renowned for its realistic, purpose-built paintball Game Zones and imaginative game scenarios that transport you into another world – a film-like paintballing scenario in which you are both director and star.

Bedlam’s school paintballing and lasertag programmes are carefully planned to suit educators’ and parents’ schedules, with the entire outing (including travel time to and from the school) taking place within standard school hours. All safety and game equipment is provided.
Bedlam has a long-established reputation as the UK’s foremost paintball provider, and our strict standards have ensured an impeccable safety record. Our state-of-the-art facilities are clean and spacious and we keep all our equipment carefully maintained.
For more information on all of the products we offer just click on the links below

Paintball for Schools

Lasertag for Schools


Splatmaster for Schools 

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