Low Velocity Paintballing Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Bedlam Paintball introduces Low Impact Paintball is a NEW type of game play that promotes the same physical activity, teamwork, and thrills as regular paintball.The biggest difference is that it HURTS LESS. The paintballs shoot just as far, are just as accurate, and still leave a small paint mark when making contact.Low Impact Paintball for all younger groups, and first time players.  This new game play also encourages more timid players to move up into the action instead of hiding in the back.  This means more fun, and no one has to sit out for fear of getting hit.  With everyone can get in on the game.An ideal cost effective activity when looking for something to do with kids in Edinburgh that gets them out into the fresh air and running about in a structured fun environment. JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 8+ could easily cock, load, and fire. JT SplatMaster is a versatile product that can be played by all the family.Kids are going crazy for the game. Parents a booking Splatmaster Birthday parties which are going down a storm with the all the Kids. Our Edinburgh venue is fantastic and the kids are just loving the day out. We have over over 54 venues throughout the uk

Low Impact Paintball Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Splatmaster Scotland POSTCODE
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-aberdeen DD9 7TF
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-dundee DD9 7TF
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-edinburgh EH52 6PY
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-edzell DD9 7TF
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-glasgow G67 4AD
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-inverness IV2 6XB
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-bere-regis BH20 7JL
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-bishops-stortford CM21 0LT
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-brighton BN6 9EA
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-canterbury CT2 9AX
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-cobham KT11 1NH
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-congleton SK11 9HX
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-crewe CW3 9PS
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-dorking RH5 4RW
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-durham DH8 9HL
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-essex RM4 1AA
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-exeter-polimore EX4 0BB
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-faversham ME13 0QD
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-finmere MK18 4JT
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-hexham NE47 0BX
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-hull HU12 0BJ
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-kings-lynn PE14 9JY
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-lathom WN8 8UT
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-leeds LS24 9NR
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-lincoln LN1 2JW
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-longfield DA3 7AN
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-macclesfield SK11 9HX
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-newbury RG4 9HP
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-newcastle NE20 0JJ
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-newquay PL33 9EU
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-newton-abbot TQ12 6PX
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-northampton NN7 1JW
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-northwold IP26 5LE
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-rayleigh SS4 1PL
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-reading RG4 9HP
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-redditch B49 5LR
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-royal-tunbridge-wells RH7 6PB
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-scotch-corner DL10 6NP
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-sidcup DA14 5AH
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-stafford CW3 9PS
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-stockport SK6 2B
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-stoke-on-trent CW3 9PS
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-sunderland SR7 0NP
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-thetford NR16 2RQ
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-watford AL2 3TF
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-wigan WN8 8UT
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-woking GU24 8SL
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-wolverhampton WV10 7HU
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-yorkshire YO8 5SW
https://www.bedlampaintball.co.uk/splatmaster-wickford SS11 8UD


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Bedlam Paintball UpdateThe Bedlam booking office is OPEN and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.

English & Scottish Government guidelines have Permitted that Paintball is  exempt and is an activity that can still be attended by groups .


Booking Office are open  

Monday to Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm

All our venue are fully Covid secure.

Spaces are limited at our venues at the weekend due Covid Rules 

Bookings during the week require at least  12 players depending on the venue.

We look forward to welcoming you all back very soon!

The Bedlam Team