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Summertime and paintball? Peas in a pod

By June 30, 2010 No Comments

An Edinburgh team after a good summer day's paintball

Well, who would’ve thought it? Not us. After a winter which was Narnia-esque in it’s snowfall, it turns out that this summer is set to be Scotland’s hottest ever. As always, we’ll believe it when we see it but, coming from a bunch of guys who love nothing more than getting out and into the wilds of Bedlam every day, this is great news!

There’s no denying that Scotland’s already had more than it’s fair share of sun already this summer, and believe us when we say we’ve been making the most of it: the paintball sites have never looked better, the Game Zones are packed, you guys have been having great fun and we’ve even found time for the odd ice-lolly. Well, whether this summer turns out to be hotter than 2003’s 32.9°C who knows, but even so, there’s nothing better than watching a team come back in from the field, thirsty, exhilarated, rushed and smiling.

For many reasons, paintball and stag dos just seem to go together, so it’s no surprise that summer always comes with it’s teams of cheeky chaps, trying to outwit each other (and their hangovers) in the name of a good time. But summer is also the time of year we tend to get paintball virgins giving us a call too, and nothing makes me more proud than handing someone their first Tippmann 98 Custom marker and watching them head out into a Game Zone for a day. Stabilisers off, let’s roll!

Anyway, before we stick the BBQ on, here’s a video from some good guys at Edinburgh Bedlam Paintball a couple of weeks ago.

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Bedlam Paintball UpdateThe Bedlam booking office is OPEN and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.

Scottish Government guidelines have Permitted that Paintball is  exempt and is an activity that can still be attended by groups .


Booking Office are open  

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