The Edinburgh and Scottish Rugby team visited us last week to duke it out on the fields. It’s always an honor to have an organization or team like the Edinburgh and Scottish Rugby team to spend a day of paintball at Bedlam.

In the last post I talked about how Paintball is great for team-building and spirit. Well I wanted to dive deeper into that today.

Let’s take the Rugby Team for example. Rugby, like a lot of other sports where there are multiple team players, relies very heavily on teamwork. In fact, teamwork is so important that without it, you would definitely lose the match. This goes for rugby, football, basketball, handball, and anything else. Why? Because no one player is so good to get past an entire enemy team. You need to use your own players, and you need to know when to work with them, and when it’s OK to go solo for a bit. Trying to be a hero will lead to being no hero at all.

So how does Paintball build team spirit?

Let’s take an outside look at it first. There are usually more than 1 player in the team, so it’s never a one on one. If you have a multiple number of players, strategy is very important. It’s always a good idea to talk before the game, fit everyone into their best roles (some are better offensive whilst others are better defensive), and get everyone into state. State is a psychological term and means, in layman’s terms, to be pumped and ready for the game to come. This in and of itself is a skill to master, for getting your players into the proper state is a huge part of teamwork.

Next, once you are in game, you must constantly be communicating with each other. You need to be aware of all your teammates. Where are they? How are they doing? Are they trying to get your attention? Are they in danger? This awareness will result in a much higher likelihood of you winning, as you can strategize in game. You can tell other players to move forward when you see an opportunity, or stay back when you sense danger. It’s like passing the ball in rugby; if you’re aware that one of your teammates has a good chance of reaching the other side, you pass to him.

This translates extremely well into business and organization, and virtually all aspects of life where you deal with multiple people working on one thing, which is why Bedlam also offers Corporate Paintball, specifically designed for businesses and organisations.

Paintball is a very fast paced game, meaning you need to think quick and solve problems on the fly. The fact that it is very competitive means it is a mirror image of real-life business and sports. This is what builds teamwork – being able to work together under pressure, and I believe that that is exactly what Paintballing is about – working together as one to achieve a unanimous outcome.

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Bedlam Paintball UpdateThe Bedlam booking office is OPEN and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.

English & Scottish Government guidelines have Permitted that Paintball is  exempt and is an activity that can still be attended by groups .


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