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The Best Paintball Fields

By November 14, 2011No Comments

I did some research around the web and I was looking for some awesome paintball games/fields. As you know there are quite a lot of fields you can play in; the jungle, the desert, the slums, whatever your paintball place has to offer. But let’s put that aside for now and focus on some really cool ones, een if you don’t necessarily have access to them. The coolest places I found were the following.

The Jungle – The jungle is probably an all time favorite of everyone. I once played in a jungle arena, and it was awesome. It had a steep hill, so one team was on top, and the other on the bottom. However, the bottom had long grass and trees, making us almost invisible to the enemy team. I can’t remember if we won or lost, but it was definitely a chilling, yet awesome experience.

The Barrels – More of a desert arena, this field features barrels, which you can use to protect yourself. Barrels are scattered across the place, meaning you are able to move forward slowly using them as your shields. This is probably one of the most difficult arenas I played in, as you never know who is about to shoot you, and if you move, you have to move quickly.

Urban Field – This field features small shelters/houses, within which you can hide, and as they are scattered all over the place, you can move from one house to another. If you’re super sneaky, no one will know where you are. This is probably one of the coolest out of the lot, seeing as it actually represent a real-life scenario, where an army infiltrates a small town.

Castle – I actually came across this in my research, but it looked so cool, I had to put it in. This field features an actual castle, where one team is inside the fortress, and the other outside (and then you switch). I would love to play in such an arena, as I’m quite a fan of medieval times myself. The cool thing about this one is that you can sniper or throw grenades from the top ridge of the castle; a little unfair but still crazy awesome.

This was my little list of the coolest arenas, some of which I’ve played in, and some which I would love to play in, especially the castle arena.

If you have any arenas or fields to add, either you played them or would like to, just leave them in the comment section below. Good luck!

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