THe PSP Chicago Open in June

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Anna @BedlamPaintball brings you the latest news on the PSP Chicago Open in June.

It’s June. For most girls, this month is associated to weddings thus there’s this thing we call “June Bride”. However, for men, specifically paintballer men, this month is associated to the 3rd leg of the PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) Events,

PSP chicago openThe 3rd stop of this 5 leg event will be at CPX Sports Park, Joliet IL.  You may visit the venue website here: This will be a 4 day event that will start on June 21st and ends on June 24th.  Like the past PSP Stops, there will also be a trade show that will be sponsored by top paintball merchants. Here, different paintball brands will showcase their latest products and you can take advantage of great discounted paintball gears.

This year, there are 175 teams that already signed up for the PSP Chicago Open. The number is higher compared to last year’s 155 teams.

This extended event will begin with a Trade Show along with Team Check-in on Wednesday, June 20th.  Non-Pro Games will be played Thursday, June 21st through Sunday, June 24th (Professional Teams will compete Friday, June 22nd through Sunday, June 24th)

As with all PSP events, teams will be able to bring their own paint to the 2012 PSP Chicago Open so long as RPS or GI Sportz/Procaps manufactures it.  These companies will also be selling paint on-site for teams traveling in.

Divisions include:

Professional RaceTo-7 (Fri – Sun only)

D1 RaceTo-5 (Thurs – Sun)

D2 RaceTo-5 (Thurs – Sun)

D3 RaceTo-4 (Thurs – Sun)

D4 RaceTo-4 (Thurs – Sun)

D3 RaceTo-2 (Sat and Sun only)

D4 RaceTo-2 (Sat and Sun only)

Pump Open (Sunday Only)

For those who can’t make it to Chicago, you can still witness the action-packed event through their weblog Tell your family and friends about it, it’s live and free.

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Bedlam Paintball UpdateThe Bedlam booking office is OPEN and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.

Scottish Government guidelines have Permitted that Paintball is  exempt and is an activity that can still be attended by groups .


Booking Office are open  

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