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Bedlam Paintball Bolton

Our H.Q is set within a massive 50 acres of varying woodland terrain and unusual features including ditches, streams, swamps, forts, pillboxes and much more.

Bedlam Paintball

The HQ has been designed specifically for paintball and is an excellent Greater Manchester venue for corporate events and entertainment making it a great place to visit. Paintballing parties are extremely popular amongst children and adults alike and many stags and hen parties are held at our fields at our Manchester site.

Paintballing is an extremely popular sport and our site in Manchester gives you an excellent place to try paintballing for the first time or to play on a more regular basis. Paintball HQ guarantees you a great day out and memorable leisure or corporate event.

On-site facilities and the game fields are varied and exciting and can cater for groups of up to 100. Whether you’re coming for a corporate event, a hen or stag party, a birthday or just a fun day out, come to Manchester’s Paintball HQ for an excellent paintballing experience.

For an introduction to our Bolton Venue and directions click here.

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Ringley Woods, Ringley Road West, Racliffe, Bolton, M26 1DY

Open 7 Days a week


Absolute Bedlam Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Ideal Package for a Stag & Hen Party


Game Bedlam Lite - ( Schools Only) 5 Games over 3 hrs 250 paintball

For Schools and Youth Group Only ,package for ages 11 to 17: 3 Hour session with 5 x Games and 250 Paintballs (50 paintballs per game). Min Group Size 16 Players


Game Bedlam - (Schools Only) 5 Games over 3 hrs 400 paintball

Game Bedlam for Schools & Youth Groups Only is Specially Designed Fixed Cost Product for Schools and Youth Groups Package for ages 12 to 17 (Weekday only) 400 Paintballs . Min Group Size 16 Players

5 Games (80 paintballs per game) over 3 hours


Go Bedlam - Equipment Hire & Entry Only

Session of Paintball Entry & Equipment Hire
Just Pay for your Paintballs on the Day.
Please Note:You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session


Play Bedlam Paintball

Session, Equipment Hire & 300 Paintballs



The Speedball paintballing field is made for the brave and the bold. The enemy awaits you at every turn as you work your way through the game arena. Stay low and close to any cover as once you give your position away the enemy will hunt you down and eliminate you. Communicate with your team as you try to evade the opposition and maintain the upper hand.

Deep in the woodland is the fortified bunker that is always proving tricky to attack. Your team have now been given the chance to do just that and so can you show all the others that have gone before you how it’s done. One tactic is to just storm the fort walls and try to pick off the enemy or you can flank the sides to try and confuse the team inside. Either way, they will get to return the favour as you then defend the bunker and try to fend them off.

The game begins and the hill looms in the woodland in front of you. The opposition is the other side and they will try to gain the advantage by getting to the top first. As both teams roar and the battle cry is sounded who will get there in time to stand their ground and use the hill to rain paintball fire down

We endeavour to give all players an enjoyable day and exciting day out Paintballing
Bedlam Paintball Stag Party Edinburgh Glasgow Aberdeen PaintballingBunny Hunt heroBOLTON PREMIER PAINTBALLING VENUE; RINGLEY WOODS, RINGLEY ROAD WEST, RADCLIFFE, BOLTON, M26 1DY.