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For anyone looking for Paintballing in the Nottingham, Leicester or Derby area, then it’s got to be Bedlam Paintball Nottingham. Only 10 mins from Nottingham City Centre.

Paintball is a game of skill, strategy and daring played outdoors in our 52 acres. Bedlam Paintball Nottingham is the only choice for Stag Weekend and Stag Parties and group games set in broadleaf woodland.

nottingham paintballing Bedlam PaintballIf you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, you’ll get it at Paintball Nottingham. This custom-built paintball site is set deep in the Nottingham woods and is the only place to go for a brilliant day out with friends. Come along and immerse yourself in the realistic Game Zones, practice your aim with our top-notch paintball guns and enjoy the first-class facilities we have on offer. Days out don’t get any more exciting than this!

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Rancliffe Woods Bunny Lane, Keyworth , Nottingham , NG12 5JU

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm


Go Bedlam

Go Bedlam

Session of Paintball Entry & Equipment Hire
Just Pay for your Paintballs on the Day.
Please Note:You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session


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Go Bedlam PLUS

Go Bedlam PLUS

Session, Equipment Hire & 100 Paintballs on the last game of the day


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Play Bedlam Paintball

Play Bedlam Paintball

Session, Equipment Hire & 300 Paintballs


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Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Book 12 or more players and get a Bunny Suit for the Stag worth £35 Free


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Call Bedlam on 0800 410 2020 Or

Our superb broadleaf woodland paintball site near Nottingham South features both natural and man-made paintballing game zones. You will be fully kitted out with overalls, a paintball marker, mask, goggles, hopper and air cylinder before being split into your teams.

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Paintball games at Nottingham South last between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on your skill (or luck), so even if you get hit you won’t be out of action for long. All paintball games are professionally refereed to ensure player safety and fair play. The site has a snack bar open all day and covered seating for 100 people.

For a fantastic day out, Nottingham South is the best place to be! We can easily cater for your birthday party, corporate event, stag or hen do, or simply provide a fun day out with your friends. Call us today to make your booking at our fantastic paintballing Nottingham South site.

Paintballing is a game of skill, strategy and daring played outdoors in our 52 acres

Players are dressed in camouflage gear, wear protective goggles and hoods and use the latest paintball marking guns. You can book on your own, as a group or hire the site exclusively. Teams compete against each other in different game scenarios and with varying objectives. The standard game is quite simple and requires each team to capture their opposition’s flag and get it back to their own base. At Commando Paintball Nottingham we don’t just leave it there.

We have 6 game zones, each with it’s own objectives. From Fort to Detonation to the Hole.During each game players are eliminated when a paintball hits them and bursts marking them with a vivid coloured dye. You will usually only be out of the game for 5-10 minutes, then it’s back in to the action. Games last between 10 and 30 minutes according to skill or good fortune, so even if you get hit you won’t be out of action for long.

All games are professionally marshalled to insure player safety and fair play.

Onsite facilities include:

Ample Car Parking
Refreshment Bar
Sheltered Base Camp
Village Game Zone
Tin Can Alley Game Zone
The Hole Game Zone
Bridge Game Zone
Run The Gauntlet Game Zone
The Road Game Zone

Bedlam Paintball Nottingham. The best paintballing deals in Nottingham.

Go Bedlam Paintballing Nottingham is a pay as you go package to play paintball in Nottingham. The package includes entrance fees, game fees, paintball insurance, paintball marker gun, paintball hopper and propellant for the whole day.

NOTTINGHAM PREMIER PAINTBALLING VENUE; Rancliffe Woods Bunny Lane, Keyworth Nottingham NG12 5JU