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Reading Bedlam Weekend Warrior Paintball FortPaintballing at Reading site is just off the A4074, running between Reading and Oxford Set in over 25 acres of woodland, we pride ourselves on the development of our site and game scenarios to make your day more enjoyable! You will find yourself engaging the enemy under the cover of barricades, across a 100-metre bridge, capturing the fort and skirmishing through the village amongst other scenarios.Perusing Paintballing With Bedlam Paintball Reading Unleash your inner war hero as you strive to master our 8 unprecedented and invigorating military themed missions on our prestigious Reading paintballing venue’s mammoth, treacherous.

Reading Bedlam Weekend Warrior Paintball D DayYou and the troops will be deployed onto the front line of action as you take part in a series of different game modes, manoeuvring your way through the deep, dark, mysterious wilderness one moment before fighting your way through the turbulent and heart-racing high-octane action of the D-Day landing the next! With all this and more, why look anywhere else for an adrenaline-filled and authentic military experience.

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Park Lane , Cane End , Reading, RG4 9HP

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm


Go Bedlam

Go Bedlam

Session of Paintball Entry & Equipment Hire
Just Pay for your Paintballs on the Day.
Please Note:You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session


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Go Bedlam PLUS

Go Bedlam PLUS

Session, Equipment Hire & 100 Paintballs on the last game of the day


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Play Bedlam Paintball

Play Bedlam Paintball

Session, Equipment Hire & 300 Paintballs


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Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Book 12 or more players and get a Bunny Suit for the Stag worth £35 Free


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Reading Bedlam Weekend Warrior Paintball VillageWhen you arrive at our Reading paintballing venue, you’ll be provided with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being kitted out in all the latest safety gear needed to participate. Marshals will be on hand throughout the experience, making sure that safety rules and regulations are being followed.

Reading Bedlam Weekend Warrior Paintball BridgeThe Bedlam Reading paintballing focus fringes the edges of the primary towns and is in a perfect world situated for Oxford Paintball, Bracknell paintball, Newbury paintball, and paintballing in Slough and High Wycombe.Paintballing at Reading simply doesn’t get any more exciting than this, whether you’re looking to blow off steam with your mates, host an unforgettable birthday, hen or stag party, or organise a school or corporate paintballing day out.

Reading Bedlam Weekend Warrior Paintball trenchStag & Hen Parties at Reading

Bedlam Paintball Stag Hen Parties Reading Weekend warriors
Paintball Birthday Parties at Reading 
Bedlam Paintball Reading Birthday weekend warriors

Splatmaster Reading  Low Velocity Paintball for Kids age 8 years upwards.
Splatmaster Low Velocity Paintball Bedlam Paintball Reading Weekend Warrior
Splatmaster low velocity paintballing at Bedlam Reading  is the best price fun game for kids aged 8 years and over in the Reading area.  This safety friendly, low impact version of paintball is ideal for birthday parties, family days out, schools, youth clubs and other organisations.  JT Splatmaster Reading  is a sporting goods product that shoots colour filled balls that results in a ‘Splat’ on a target or opponent. This ‘Splat’ is easily washes out, is painless and is totally biodegradable and safe.  An ideal cost effective activity when looking for something to do with kids in the Reading area that gets them out into the fresh air and running about in a structured fun environment. JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 8 plus could easily cock, load, and fire. JT SplatMaster is a versatile product that can be played by all the family.Kids are going crazy for the game. Parents a booking Splatmaster Birthday parties which are going down a storm with the all the Kids. This safety friendly, low impact version of paintball is ideal for birthday parties, family days out, schools, youth clubs and other organisations. An ideal activity when looking for something to do with kids that gets them out into the fresh air and running about in a structured fun environment.
Game Bedlam School Activity Days Out in Reading
Bedlam Paintball Reading Schools Youth Groups Weekend Warriors PaintballingGame Bedlam is a especially Designed Product for School for kids ages 12 to 17 year. They play 5 games over a 3 our session and get 80 paintballs per game. The game helps with teambuilding and bring out the communication skills in the kids to achieve to object. Bedlam paintball Reading offers a unique action-packed learning experience for pupils aged 12 to 17 in our 5 star safety accredited site.  The packages are cost effective and tailored to meet the needs of each individual group. They are designed to develop pupil’s strategic planning, problem-solving skills and their ability to work as a team. Paintball at Bedlam Reading is more than just a game, it gives pupils the ultimate adrenalin rush while building their character, confidence and creativity. Please contact our Bedlam Events Coordinator for more information and booking information.
Corporate Teambuilding Days at Reading

Corporate Teambuilding Days out Painballing at Reading  is a great way to motivate your and we have a package to suit your budget,

  • Strengthens team bonds and promotes positive, functional relationships between colleagues by placing them in a new and entertaining environment.
  • Boosts problem-solving abilities and allows the groups to independently devise and implement strategies with a specific goal in mind.
  • Improves communication between colleagues through carefully timed manoeuvres and constantly changing circumstances.
  • Brings previously undiscovered talents into the spotlight and promotes the appreciation of each individual’s skills.
  • Helps people identify and correct mistakes. Each course is repeated, so the losing team has the chance to tweak their approach for the next attempt.
Pre Order your Pizza for Lunch
Bedlam dominos pizza Bedlam
Enjoy Pizza for lunch to boost your energy for the day, a shop with many extras to bring your game to the next level and of course the best equipment to ensure a fun day out while keeping you safe.
Reading Bedlam Weekend Warrior Paintball Tables

Trustpilot Review Kom Reading PaintballBedlam Paintball Reading. The best paintballing deals in Reading.

Go Bedlam Paintballing Reading is a pay as you go package to play paintball in Reading. The package includes entrance fees, game fees, paintball insurance, paintball marker gun, paintball hopper and propellant for the whole day.