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Anna @BedlamPaintball gives some pointers to paintball newbies. This article covers some tips, tricks, reminders, and “good-to-know” stuff about paintball.

… You Should Have a Good Leader

paintball leaderFirst of all have a capable leader to facilitate your team. A leader can assign task and roles for their members. A good leader should lead the team by giving commands to facilitate the team better. A good leader can use strategies that fit to each of the members’ physical and strategic abilities thus giving them roles of assault or back support according to each player’s capability.

… Know The Terrain

Have familiarity of the terrain and game type before starting the game. Advance knowledge of the terrain can give your team the edge on where to execute ambushes. It also gives the team points on where ambushes are most likely to happen. Paintball game types come in different forms an example is take the flag. If this is your game type most likely the fastest person in your team would be the one taking the flag. Strategies can be developed for any kind of game type to maximize proficiency of your teammates.

… Know When to Fall Back

It may seem cowardly but a good retreat can make your team survive for much longer, a retreat may let them reorganize and formulate a new strategy to even the odds. Assessment on how to retreat depends on the leader; an ambush may most likely be the cause for most retreats but blindly retreating may result to more casualties than a normal confrontation.

… Know Your Tools

Know what you and your equipment can do, don’t overestimate yourself and your gear. Knowledge on your gear can improve your strategy a lot, member A has a gun that can shoot for 100 feet, use this as an advantage. Knowledge on your capabilities can make a game easier for your team, for example, while you lack stamina in your team can make up for having good accuracy. Assigning members based on their statistics can make the game easier. Also keep in mind the amount of ammo you have, forced errors may result to lose the match much earlier than expected.

… You Should Take Cover

taking cover paintballDefense will always be the best offense. Taking cover is the best way to avoid enemy shots, covering fire; this is very sufficient and very essential on a team. Covering your ally as they run for cover from an unnoticed attacked. Use the element of surprise, camouflage is the art of concealment by blending in the environment. This strategy is best way to take a good fire at your enemies. Not that exciting though.

… You Should Practice.. Practice.. Practice..

Practice a lot. Constant practice can let you identify your weaknesses and strengths. Frequent practices can make the player expand his role in the game, if you excel in playing defense one can practice for offense so that if the team needs more attacking power you won’t limit yourself to only one role.

… You Should Communicate

And lastly communicate with your team. A unit can function as one if coordination is successful. Call out to your members if they are out of their positions and constantly keep track of their position.

These are just some examples on what to do in some situations when playing paintball. Remember that experience is the best teacher and it gives the player knowledge and insight on what to do on certain situations, have fun playing paintball.

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