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Why choose Paintball? (Over everything else)

By October 24, 2011No Comments

Paintball is a team sport. That means you have a group of people playing towards an overall aim. It’s your choice to work unanimously as a leaderless group, or to pick a leader who you can trust, who will guide you through the battlefield and likely lead you to victory.

You can compare Paintballing to almost any team sport, be it basketball, football, handball, etc. All work towards the same goal: winning. Being a sport, it’s a very competitive battlefield, but a fun one. Put together a bunch of people who want to win, and you have an awesome game.

However, if you think it’s ALL about winning, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Winning is nice, sure. But so is the actual game. Just think about it: be it in the jungle arena or on the desert plains with barrels to guard you, it’s just pure fun. Who doesn’t want to feel like a soldier for a few hours, without the actual risk of being a real soldier? That’s what makes paintballing so exciting; you get the adrenaline of risk, of wanting to win, without the actual risk of really getting hurt.

Bundle that up with cooperative teammates and you have yourself a quite awesome game set for action.

So why would you want to choose Paintballing for the day instead of your other favourite sports? Well, as said, that team spirit, adrenaline fueled rush is one of those reasons. But it’s also a kid’s dream, to hold a gun and just shoot away at things – it was mine. Paintballing gives you a sense of fulfilling a child’s dream, it puts you together with people who also feel the same way, and you can, for a few hours of playing, forget that you’re grown up and sink back into playful, silly childhood and gun away.

Then there is also the fear of being out: it adds to the excitement, and to your drive to win. Because let’s face it, being out sucks, and that’s exactly why Paintball is unique. The fact that you’re out after someone gets you gives you all the more reason to want to win, making Paintball an extremely competitive sport. And fun competition is what it’s all about.

But I would be missing out something huge if I didn’t include one thing: strategy. Like almost any competitive game, strategy plays a huge role in Paintball, be it an aggressive one or a more defensive one. Finding that sweet spot of not being to offensive and not too defensive is your road to fun success. Working together with teammates to come up with the best strategy is a sport in and of itself.

Strategy is your friend; however, that’s not to say that you can’t just go in there and freestyle, that’s also fun! But if winning is your goal, strategy is there to help.

In the next post I’ll give you advice on the types of strategies and how to use them to help you beat down any foe you encounter. Stay tuned!

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