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Why festival fiends should love paintball

By August 2, 2011 No Comments

T in The Park music festival

Something that we’ve always noticed here at Bedlam is the huge variety of people that come through our gates to play. When paintball first broke into the UK and we got involved, it was largely the domain of adrenalin-hungry men, wanting to recreate their favourite Sly Stallone movie covered head-to-toe in camo paint and utility pockets.

Not any more though. These days we are just as likely to welcome school groups and office outings as we are stag parties; as well as birthday parties, mid-week gamers and even retirements bashes! So this got us thinking: how does paintball lend itself to particular types of people?

It’s August at last and, in Edinburgh anyway, that means only one thing: The Festival. The Festival itself has almost nothing to do with paintball though of course, but the sort of people who soak up the atmosphere and get stuck in are just the sort of people who would get the most out of a day’s paintball. And we don’t just mean the Edinburgh Festival either, that goes for the whole range of the summer’s mud-soaked, music-fuelled, outdoor shenanigans. And here’s why:

1. Doing it outdoors is just better

If there is one solid common denominator between paintball and festivals its got to be the outdoors. Both of them make the best possible use of their natural environment and aren’t afraid of a little mud.

2. Team Fun all the way

Going to a festival by yourself would be rubbish. Even if it was just a comedy show at The Fringe. And the same goes for paintball. Both of them require a team of people all up for having fun and mucking around, otherwise things get a little stale. If you’re the sort of person who loves nothing more than getting glammed up for a night’s entertainment, or packing your coolest threads and heading to a sunny field in Balado for a weekend of bands, then you’re just the sort of person we see time and time again love getting stuck into paintball.

3. What happens at paintball stays at paintball

A festival isn’t a festival without a few amusing tales, anecdotes and, well, bits of mischief. As much fun as it is having a drink and enjoying yourself all weekend at a muddy festival, seeing the photos the following Monday morning already up on Facebook can be a bit of a downer – as they rarely capture just what it was like at the time. Well paintball’s the same. At Bedlam you can even scores between mates, get as mucky as you like and have an amazing day, safe in the knowledge that what happens in Bedlam stays in Bedlam*.

*Except when we put up the weekly team photos on Facebook that is!

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