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Why social media geeks should love paintball

By August 23, 2011No Comments
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Like I said a couple of weeks ago, we get all sorts coming through our gatesBedlam Paintball and we’re doing our very best to spread the good paintball word to as many people as we can. Sure paintball is probably the perfect hobby for a festival fiend, but who else do we think would ace it in a few game zones?

Social media geeks, that’s who.

Sure the word ‘geek’ has done a complete one-eighty and become synonymous with cutting edge social technology these days, but the more you like snooping on your friends, updating your whereabouts and hitting that ‘Like’ button, the more we know you’ll love paintball.

Think about it. What’s the best thing about hitting Facebook or Twitter? Getting involved right? Seeing who’s doing what and finding out what everyone’s up to that night – that sort of thing. And the photos, of course. We’re the same, we see whole teams of strangers get together and, by the end of it, they’re good friends who regularly go away and add each other, as well as us, to their Facebook etc. And you can’t beat a good paintball shot for that profile pic.

But if you’re the sort of geek who uses your social media for up-to-the-second updates, then your attention span is almost definitely suited to paintball. You can handle the stream of information coming at you from all sides during a game. You can make split-second decisions and, importantly, you can decide which of your ‘friends’ are expendable when a better offer comes along.

Not to mention video! Paintball was made for YouTube, and we make sure we capture all the best ones.

I read once that a geek is the sort of person you pick on at school but then end up working for when you’re grown up. I don’t think that applies anymore, but we do see a lot of people coming through our gates as individuals and leave as part of their own wee team. Or social network, if you will.

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