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Would you rather fire paint or throw tomatoes?

By September 17, 2010No Comments

Tomatina Festival

I’ve only just discovered this particularly cool (and worryingly dangerous sounding) festival, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to make the mental paintball comparison. In the Spanish town of Bunol (in Valencia), once a year, all the locals gather together to fight to the death mush using tomatoes.

Called La Tomatina, apparently around 240,000 pounds of perfectly good tomatoes bite the dust as the town’s 30,000 inhabitants start what is perhaps the world’s single largest food fight! I’ve not booked my summer holidays for next year yet but, after watching the video below, I have a feeling a trip to Spain could be on the cards.

What’s even more bizarre is that the festival started with the ‘famous’ ham-on-stick competition, where townsmen had to race up a pole to retrieve a leg of smoked ham. These people are pretty weird when it comes to food. I don’t see the connection between chasing ham and throwing tomatoes, but I don’t care – this looks like some kind of stone age precursor to modern day paintball!

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